A huge thank you!

As we look to finalise the 2018 accounts over the next few weeks, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our generous donors and fundraisers who made the aspirations of DS Achieve a reality during 2018 by giving or raising a fantastic £4,816.76.

Alongside money raised from our training events and personal fundraising by our Trustees, our donors and fundraisers have enabled DS Achieve to build a level of unrestricted reserves which have been used to deliver training events to empower families to enable their child with Down Syndrome to fulfil their potential.

In the final few months of 2018, DS Achieve was able to put on training events for our parents, carers and professionals. We also enjoyed a hugely successful launch event where around 40 children and their families joined us at Soft Play City to celebrate. Feedback from all of these events was positive and highlighted their value.

As well as the wonderful events that we have been able to fund, the 2018 donations have also contributed to the behind the scenes activity of DS Achieve. We have a fabulous website, have invested in marketing materials and ensured that we are equipped with relevant subscriptions and insurance.

Most importantly, we have established a level of reserves that means we are financially viable with a strong strategic plan for the future – one which we are excited for.

So thank you once again, our wonderful, supportive donors and fundraisers. We could not do it without you!

DS Achieve Thank You 2018 Final.jpg